Terms & Condition:

  1. The following circumstances are specifically excluded from our Uptime Guarantee: scheduled maintenance, DDoS or similar attack, hardware failure, third-party software failure, customer maxing its resource container, issues resulting from errors or omissions by the customer, issues relating to the customer’s ISP, firewall blocks/bans, or any other circumstance beyond our reasonable control. This clause does not apply to subscribers of Virtual Dedicated Server (VDS) or Dedicated Server packages.
  2. Techuniverse Solution Pvt Ltd will provide technical support to 6 Day/Week, Our office is closed on Sunday. The only official method for technical support is via E-MAIL at
    Telephone and live chat support are not official methods of support and are governed by the terms and conditions set forth in the following clause.
  3. Resellers are responsible for supporting their own customers. Techuniverse Solution Pvt Ltd does not provide support to its resellers’ customers. If a reseller’s customer contacts Techuniverse Solution Pvt Ltd , Techuniverse Solution Pvt Ltd reserves the right to place the customer account on hold until the reseller can assume its responsibility for its customer. All support requests must be made by the reseller on its customers’ behalf for security purposes. Resellers are also responsible for all content stored or transmitted under their resellers account and the actions of their customers. Techuniverse Solution Pvt Ltd will hold any reseller responsible for any of its customers actions that violate the law or the terms of service set forth in this Agreement.

Affiliate Terms and Client Responsibility:

Resellers should guarantee that each of their clients complies with this Agreement.

Resellers are capable of supporting their clients. Techuniverse solution Pvt Ltd does not give back to clients of Techuniverse solution Pvt Ltd ’s affiliates. In case a reseller’s client contacts Techuniverse Solution Pvt Ltd, Techuniverse Solution Pvt Ltd saves the right to put an affiliate client account on hold until the affiliate can expect duty for the reseller’s client. All bolster demands must be made by the affiliate on its client’s sake for security purposes.

Resellers are moreover dependable for all substance put away or transmitted beneath their affiliate account and the activities of their clients. Techuniverse Online Arrangements will hold any affiliate dependable for any of their client’s activities that abuse the law or this Agreement.

Techuniverse solution Pvt Ltd isn’t capable of the acts or exclusions of our affiliates. The affiliate thus concurs to repay Techuniverse solution Pvt Ltd from and against any and all claims made by any Client emerging from the reseller’s acts or omissions.

Techuniverse solution Pvt Ltd saves the proper to change our Affiliate Program at any time. Changes might take impact when posted online or on any consequent date as may be set forward by Techuniverse solution Pvt Ltd .

Resellers within the Techuniverse solution Pvt Ltd Affiliate Program accept all obligations for charging and specialized back for each of the Clients marked up by the reseller.

It is your obligation

to guarantee that scripts/programs introduced beneath your account are secure and consents of catalogs are set appropriately, in any case of the establishment strategy. When at all conceivable, set authorizations on most registries to 755 or as prohibitive as conceivable. Clients are eventually capable of all activities taken beneath their account. This incorporates the compromise of qualifications such as client title and watchword. You’re required to use a secure password. On the off chance that a frail secret word is utilized, your account may be suspended until you concur to utilize a more secure secret word. Reviews may be done to avoid powerless passwords from being utilized. In case a review is performed, and your secret word is found to be weak, we will inform you and permit time for you to alter or upgrade your password before suspending your account.

Any account which causes us to receive an abuse report may be terminated and/or have access to services suspended. On the off chance that you are not removing noxious content from your account after being informed by Techuniverse solution Pvt Ltd of an issue, we save the proper to take off and get to administrations disabled.

4. Techuniverse Solution Pvt Ltd reserves the correct to end Administrations for any client or Conclusion Client action that uncovered it to legal liability or imperils its capacity to supply administrations to other clients. The substance, joins, or activities on any Administrations recorded underneath are an infringement of this Understanding. This is often not an thorough list, but is outlined to help you in assessing whether Techuniverse Solution Pvt Ltd is the suitable benefit supplier for you:

Child Obscenity – Facilitating, Disseminating, or Connecting to Explicit entertainment Including a Individual Beneath Legitimate Age.

Copyright Encroachment – Facilitating, Conveying, or Connecting to Copyright Encroached Materials.

CPU/Memory/Resource Mishandle – Expending Intemperate Sum of Server Assets Causing Server Execution Issues.

DoS Source – Source of Refusal of Benefit Attack.

DoS Target – Target of Refusal of Benefit Attack.

Forgery – Faking an IP Address, Hostname, Email Address, or Header.

Fraud Location – Facilitating or Connecting to an Online site Expecting to Misdirect the Public.

HYIP Facilitating or Connecting to a Tall Surrender Venture Program Website.

Identity Robbery – Facilitating, Disseminating, or Connecting to Stolen Account Recognizable proof Information.

Infection – Facilitating, Conveying, or Connecting to Misuses, Trojans, Infections, or Worms.

IRC – Facilitating Web Hand-off Chat Server not authorized by Techuniverse Solution Pvt Ltd.

Mass Capacity – Putting away Mass Sums of Reinforcements, Files, Recordings, etc.

Phishing – Personality Burglary by E-mail Beneath Untrue Pretense.

Proxy Location – Facilitating of or connecting to an Mysterious Intermediary Server.

Spam E-mail – Spontaneous Commercial E-mail (UCE) or Spontaneous Bulk Mail (UBE).

Spam List – Facilitating, Disseminating, or Connecting to E-mail Address Records for Spam.

Spam Location – A Location Promoted by Spam E-mail or Spam Web.

Spam Product – Facilitating, Conveying, or Connecting to Programs Planned for Spamming.

Spam Web – Spontaneous, Bulk, or Fashioned Location Promotion in Web Logs, Gatherings, or Guestbooks.

Spamhaus – Spam Causing Boycotting of an IP at for Pernicious Activity.

Terrorist Location – Facilitating or Connecting to a Location Supporting Terrorism

Toolz – Facilitating, Dispersing, or Connecting to Instruments or Directions Fabric on Hacking/Cracking or Other Illicit Activity

Trademark – Facilitating, Disseminating, or

Connecting to Trademark Encroached Materials

Warez – Facilitating, Dispersing, or Connecting to Crackz, Hackz, KeyGenz, Serialz, or Pilfered Software

Any other fabric Tech Universe Arrangements judges to be debilitating or obscene.

5. Confinements on Capacity Space Utilization : All accounts are subject to the taking after limitations on capacity space utilization: i) accounts must have substantial, working websites, and not abuse any already subscribed terms; ii) accounts are not for utilize of mass capacity of reinforcements, records, sound, video, zip records or others, as decided by Techuniverse Solution Pvt Ltd, at its sole tact; and iii) accounts are not for utilize of mass dissemination of records, such as deluges or mirrors. Any account found abusing these terms may be suspended or ended without caution. This is often to remind you once more that the utilization of mass capacity of reinforcements, records, sound, video, zip records is entirely prohibited.

Term of Boundless Space: Whereas disk space on accounts may be boundless, since disk space, server CPU, transmission capacity and memory are shared assets, over the top utilization of these assets can meddled with or totally anticipate typical benefit execution for other clients whose utilization is considered to be ordinary. We routinely run client transfer speed and disk space utilization through an arrangement of measurable examinations and utilize the come about of these things to characterize ordinary. In spite of the fact that the genuine results of these examinations shift from month to month, one thing remains steady: more than 99% of our clients drop into the “normal” run. In most cases, clients who drop exterior the typical run are utilizing their accounts for record capacity or sharing purposes instead of facilitating – Typically against our terms and conditions.

What happens in case you surpass “normal” utilization? On the off chance that we have concerns about your account’s transfer speed or disk space utilization, you’ll get an email asking you to decrease utilization. For the most part, we offer clients with at least 48 hours to create these alterations some time recently taking the account offline. Once more, the foremost common circumstances include clients who utilize their accounts for capacity of files—particularly mixed media files—that are not connected off of their websites. It could be a very rare event for a client who is overseeing an individual or little trade site to surpass typical utilization (30GB). In this manner, the account will always have to be inside the ordinary run of 30GB otherwise you can move to a VPS/Dedicated server for way better and continuous services.

Email Usage: Whereas Techuniverse Solution Pvt Ltd permits its facilitating clients to form boundless mailboxes (i.e., POP/IMAP accounts), each person letter box is constrained to 500 outgoing mail messages per 60 miniature period (all overabundance messages will be disposed of and not delivered.)

6. Techuniverse Solution Pvt Ltd saves the right to include, modify, or expel any or all features from any service Techuniverse Solution Pvt Ltd provides, at any time, with or without notice. This incorporates, but is not limited to, disk space limits, bandwidth limits, domain limits, estimating, and third party applications. These changes can be made for any or no reason and Techuniverse Solution Pvt Ltd does not ensure the accessibility of any highlight, whether composed or suggested. In case the evacuation of an include really impacts your capacity to utilize the Benefit, you will end this Ascension. For the purposes of this section as it were, the term really implies that a sensible commerce individual would not have acquired the Administrations for the purposes utilized by you.

7. Techuniverse Solution Pvt Ltd offers a 30 day cash back guarantee on shared web facilitating and affiliate bundles. No discounts are advertised after the 30 days of Service.

8. No discounts are advertised on custom bundles, setup expenses, space enlistments, space exchanges, space recharges, SSL certificates, committed IP addresses, progressed bolster expenses, preparing expenses, or program licenses.

9. As it were, first-time accounts are qualified for a refund under the 30 day money back guarantee. For example, in the event that you had or still have an account with Techuniverse Solution Pvt Ltd before, canceled and signed up once more, you’ll not be eligible for a refund or in case you have opened a moment account with Techuniverse Solution Pvt Ltd. In addition, refunds are not offered for accounts that are suspended or terminated for violating this Agreement.

10. Rebates will be issued because it were to the payment strategy that the initial installment was sent from, and may take up to one (1) week to prepare.

11. Free Domains given with Facilitating Bundles are not transferable without prior information.

12.Reinforcements and Information Misfortune:: Your utilize of the Administrations is at your sole chance. Techuniverse Solution Pvt Ltd’s

The reinforcement benefit runs once a week and overwrites any of our past reinforcements. As it were, one week of reinforcements are kept at a time. This benefit is given as it were to shared and affiliate accounts as a kindness and may be altered or ended at any time at the company’s sole watchfulness. Dedicated/VPS servers are NOT sponsored by us. It is your obligation to preserve backups.

Techuniverse Solution Pvt Ltd isn’t capable of records and/or data residing on your account. You concur to require full duty for all records and information exchanged and to preserve all fitting reinforcement of records and information put away on Techuniverse Solution Pvt Ltd ’s servers.

For every day reinforcement, we propose devices such as “CODEGUARD” — Programmed Cloud Reinforcement Framework. Conjointly demand your clients to use it for superior benefit, For points of interest if you don’t mind check:

13. Dedicated/VPS Servers:: Techuniverse Solution Pvt Ltd saves the proper time to reset the secret word on a committed server/VPS in case the secret word on file isn’t current so that we may do security reviews as required by our datacenter. It is your obligation to guarantee that there’s a substantial mail address and current root secret word on record for your committed server to avoid downtime from constrained secret word resets. Techuniverse Solution Pvt Ltd saves the correct to review servers as required and to perform regulatory activities at the ask of our datacenter. Committed servers are NOT sponsored by us. It is your obligation to preserve reinforcements. Dedicated servers that have invoices outstanding for more than ten (10) days may be subject to deletion which will result in the loss of all data on the server. Techuniverse Solution Pvt Ltd will not be at risk for any misfortune of information coming about from such deletion.

How Web Facilitating Firms Ought to Ensure Against Breaches in Security::

14.Full security can never be guaranteed, Web encouraging security can be a honest to goodness awful dream, especially on the off chance simply don’t know what goes off-base. What you don’t know almost Web facilitating can harm your commerce. Hackers are continuously attempting to find better approaches into your server and are getting to be increasingly cleverly each day.

While web facilitating companies are doing their best to keep up with the request for made strides security measures, it is still imperative that webmasters take shields to make past any question that the security of their locales and information are not incidentally compromised.