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People disregard design that disregards people.

Tech Universe  is a global creative company that combines design expertise with technology and intelligence to revolutionize businesses.
As a global leader in UX UI, technology and business solutions, we partner with clients to simplify, enhance and transform their businesses.

UX rule of thumb: More choices equal more problems.

We have worked with many clients in various industries including healthcare, finance, e-commerce and education. Our team comprise of very much talented professionals with expertise in UX / UI design, web development, mobile development and more
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Spread the word about your business by building a website first.
  • Tech Universe Makes the website easier to navigate
  • We boost your brand
  • Our designs help establish as industry leaders in UI/UX
What exactly is UX design?
UX (User Experience) design is a term that encompasses the entire process of creating products and services that provide intuitive and enjoyable experiences to users.
For businesses that offer services and products through apps and websites, UX design is as important as sales, branding and marketing. Because good UX design directly improves your bottom line.
We typically start all projects with an in-depth brainstorming session with all client-side stakeholders. These are the details/data required before the start of every project.
The biggest difference between UI/UX design and web design is that web design focuses on how a website looks while UI/UX design focuses on the experience of using a site or app.